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Hum & Strum Music School

Meanwhile @ hum & Strum

La Mu'sica 

Our music lessons are based on the phiposophy that everyone can play music when taught in a well structured and fun filled manner. Our "song as a lesson" approach works wonders with every student

Student Corner

‚ÄčOur regular music courses include Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Drums & Western Vocals. The courses @ Hum & Strum, Brookefield, are tailor made to suit any age group, and for all levels of students, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Concert De Rock

Humming & Strumming 

Students of Hum & Strum ROCKED Bangalore recently in one of our shows to an audience of around 350 people covering Legendary bands like ACDC, Judas Priest, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Lynard Skynard, Iron Maiden to name a few.

The stage was litrelly put on fire by The Angels, MoshPit, Wild Roses, UnderDogs, Cool & The Gang, Cryptic, JLT (Just Like Dat) @ Inorbit Mall, Bangalore on 28th October 2018....Coming soon!!! "The Cacaophony" - Chapter 2

Meet Swara

 The student of the week!!

 Swara is the drummer of the All Girls Band called "The Showstopers".