Guitar Fundamentals, Duration : 30 - 35 Hours

1. Get to know your guitar

  • Learn the different parts of the acoustic guitar and their use
  • Strings & the tuning - learn the standard tuning method
  • Know your fret board - learn how the 12 notes are placed all across the fret board  and the concept of an octave

2. Lets Play Music!!

  • Finger exercises to enable all your 4 fingers move across the fret board
  • Learn tabular notation, play simple melodies like Ode to Joy, Jingle Bells & Deck the Halls
  • Introduction to chords -Learn to play E, A & D chord
  • Learn to play songs using E, A & D chords -  Hound Dog, Three Little Birds, Cotton Fields and songs of your choice, For                 Bollywood lovers - Kyon Chalti hai pawan, Ye Dooriyaan and many more
  • More must know Major & Minor Chrods - C, G, Em & Am
  • Learn to play songs by your favorite bands using the chords learnt so far - Green day (Boulevard of Broken Dreams,                     Time of your life)  (Demons) and songs of your choice, ForBollywood Lovers - Papa Kehtey hain, Sari Umra Hum & more!!
  • Introduction to Dm, F and the 7th Chords (A7, E7, D7, G7, B7)
  • Learn to play songs using the chord learnt so far - Do Re Mi, Jingle Bells, We wish you a Merry Christmas & more

3. Introduction to Strumming

  • Basic strumming in 4/4 time
  • Basic strumming 3/4 time
  • Difficult strumming patterns
  • You are a guitar player now!!

Intermediate Guitar Course, Duration : 40-45 Hours

Prerequisite - Student must know the open chord shapes (Major, Minor & 7th) and should be able to change from one chord shape to another seamlessly incorporating various strumming patterns

1. Barre & the Power chords

  • E & A shape (Major & Minor) Barre & power chords, form other chords utilizing these shapes
  • 1,4,5 barre & power chord changes
  • Right hand palm muting technique & exercises
  • Play songs using Barre & power chords - Soak up the sun (Sheryl Crow), Dont look back in anger (Oasis), Creep (Radiohead),
  • 21 Guns (Green Day), Holiday  (Green Day) & many more     

2. Major, Minor & Pentatonic Scales

  • Scale theory - How to form scales
  • Cmajor & Em box patterns, speed building exercises
  • Em & Am pentatonic box patterns
  • Play simple songs including solos - TNT (ACDC), American Idiot (Green Day), Highway to Hell (ACDC)
  • Chord progression theory & its use

3. Simple Soloing

  • Minor Pentatonic scale exercises utilizing the box patterns
  • Soloing techniques - sliding, bending, hammer on pull offs
  • Play simple solos using various soloing techniques

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