Drums Fundamentals, Duration - 30-35 Hours

  • Know your Drum Kit
  • Quarter Notes - Learn quarter note beat, rests & fills
  • Eighth Notes - Eighth Notes beats, rests & fills
  • Basic Foot Techniques - Heel up & Heel down exercises
  • Introduction to Rock Drum Beats
  • Play Songs - 21 Guns, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Highway to Hell & more
  • Developing Technical Skills - Singles, Doubles & Para-diddles 

Drums Intermediate, Duration - 40 Hours

  • Eights Note Triplets - Rests, Beats & Fills
  • Sixteenth Notes - Rests, Beats & Fills
  • Developing Dynamics - Cross sticking, Ghost Notes, Accenting
  • More on Rock Drums Beats
  • Introduction to Linear Drumming - Linear Patterns, Drum Beats, Fills
  • Play Songs - All the Small Things, Hall of Fame, Smoke on the Water, Trooper & more

for the students looking for Exam-oriented approach

​​About Rockschool:
Rockschool Limited brings together the leading names in Contemporary Arts. They are a global, specialist awarding body. 

​Rockschool Limited has been an independently accredited awarding organisation in the United Kingdom since 2002. RSL is accredited by all four United Kingdom countries (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) and is the only graded music awarding organisation to have such comprehensive accreditation.

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