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Prerequisites: Student to know open & Barre chords and should be able to able to change from one chord shape to another with ease

Electric Guitar Fundamentals, Duration - 30 Hours

  • Parts of electric guitar & their use
  • Introduction to power chords - open and movable power chord shapes
  • Right hand palm muting technique & exercises
  • C Major & G Major scale box positions and their use
  • Em & Am scale box patterns and their use
  • Em & Am Pentatonic box patterns and their use
  • Introduction to guitar soloing - How to develop guitar solos using the above scale patterns 
  • Artist Study (ACDC & Green Day) - TNT, Highway to Hell, Buolevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns, American Idiot, Holiday

Electric Guitar Intermediate, Duration - 40 hours

  • More on guitar soloing - using solo techniques like bending, slide, hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Tapping
  • Solo building on Minor Pentatonic Scales - Speed building exercises, Solo runs
  • Building melodic patterns using minor pentatonic scales
  • Introduction to 12 Bar Blues - Patterns, Blues Rythm, 7th & 9th Chords
  • The blues scale - Box patterns, famous blues licks and runs
  • Artist Study (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin) - For Whom the Bell Tolls, Enter Sandman, Fade to Black, Wasted Years, Hallowed Be They Name, Trooper, Black Dog, Rock & Roll

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