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Hum & Strum Music School

Meanwhile @ hum & Strum

La Mu'sica 

Our music lessons are based on the phiposophy that everyone can play music when taught in a well structured and fun filled manner. Our "song as a lesson" approach works wonders with every student

Student Corner

‚ÄčOur regular music courses include Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Drums & Western Vocals. The courses @ Hum & Strum, Brookefield, are tailor made to suit any age group, and for all levels of students, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Concert De Rock

Humming & Strumming 

Students of Hum & Strum ROCKED Bangalore recently in one of our shows to an audience of around 350 people covering Legendary bands like ACDC, Judas Priest, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Lynard Skynard, Iron Maiden to name a few.

Students from our School performing Sweet Home Alabama (Cover) by Lynard Skynard during one of the Rock Concerts

Meet Autrio

 The student of the week!!

 Autrio has swift hands on both Acoustic & Electric Guitar, and he is a natural performer. He is a quick learner and it goes without saying, He is a Rockstar in the Making!!!!