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Hum & Strum Music School

Keyboard Fundamentals, Duration - 30-35 Hours

  • Know your keyboard
  • Play simple melodies (Right Hand), hand positions & keyboard disciplines
  • Chord structures & left hand positions
  • Playing with 2 hands, hand coordination, broken chord style of playing and music dynamics
  • Alfred's Prep Course Level A & B for young students & Alfred's Adult Course Level 1 for our Adult students

Keyboard Intermediate, Duration - 40 Hours

  • Scales, Arpeggios & music theory
  • Exposure to Western Classical music, such as Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, Minuet, Mussette from the era of                        L Beethoven, J S Bach & many more
  • Detailed study of hand movements, harmony & music dynamics
  • Alfred's Level C & D for young students & Alfred's Level 2 & 3 for Adult students

​​Exam Approach

TRINITY Keyboard/Piano

for the students looking for Exam-oriented approach for Keyboard/Piano

Trinity has been providing assessments around the world since 1877

Trinity exams focus on assessing skills and how effectively the candidates can apply what they have learnt, not just on knowledge for its own sake

Each year over 700,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity assessment and our international network is growing fast
Trinity exams are regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and recognised internationally

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