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Our Team

Our faculty have been exposed to genres like Western classical, church music, rock, jazz, funk, mainstream pop and even film music. All of them are experienced performers and have individual strengths across the many facets of music education, performance, recording, production, management and touring. Along with their excellent individual skills on their chosen instrument, each of our faculty has a proven ability to communicate musical concepts simply and effectively, to students at various levels.


founder cum guitar & vocals instructor

Bobby is the founder of Hum & Strum and is a passionate musician who gave up a lucrative corporate career to plunge himself completely into music.

He loves teaching and customizes his lessons depending upon the age, ability & objective of the student.

He specializes in Country, Rock & Bollywood style of music.

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Krish started his journey into music with Guitar, followed by Keyboard & Piano.

10 years into music, he has worked with 2 bands.

With more than 7 years of teaching experience, he believes that Music is an essential part of life.



For more than 35 years, he has played with various Rock Bands and performed live across the world.

He plays Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Violin & Bass Guitar.

He specializes in Rock, Western Classical, Blues, Hindustani Classical and Rabindra Sangeet.

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Pringle has been playing Guitar & Piano for last 10 years.

He played with various bands in Kolkata.

He specilizes in clasiical Guitar and believes that music is God's best creation.



Abinash is a part of Bengaluru based band called "The Last Prophecy".

He has been playing drums for more then 11 years.

He specializes in Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock & Blues.

​He has performed with various bands across the country.

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Sayan has been teaching Guitar for more than 14 years. He draws his inspiration from Solo Artists like Guthire Govan, John Petrucci & David Gilmour.

He was a part of a Bangla Folk band "Arshinagar" for 9 years.

He specializes in Blues, Funk, Jazz & Bangla folk music.


Office Manager/Guitar/Music Production

Nitesh manages our Sarjapur Center and also don the hat of a Guitar Faculty whenever required.

He has done various courses in Music Production and in his spare time composes his own music.

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Bidur plays for Hum & Strums in house band called "The Faculty".

He has been teaching for last 3 years and strongly believes that music can change lives for the better.



Jai is a solo artist and draws his inspiration from guitar players like Andy James, Joe Satriani & Steve Vai.

He as been teaching for more then 6 years.

He specialises in Metal, Blues & Classic Rock.

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Benjamin comes from a strong Gospel music background and believes that rather then spoon feeding, a teachers job is to inspire and motivate a student.

He has been teaching for last 5 years. He specializes in Pop, Indie & Metal.



Tushar has been playing drums for last 10 years and has been part of his school & college bands.

He is inspired by John Bonham & Mike Portnoy and one day aspires to record for Don Meon & play at the Kennedy Center.

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Office Manager (Brookefield)

Hemalatha is a Commerce Graduate from St Josephs College, Bangalore.

She manages the front desk @ our Brookefield center.

She loves Bhartnatyam and lately has developed a taste for Rock Music.