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Hum & Strum Music School

Western Vocals

​​​Pop & Rock Vocals - Adults

Starting with the blues and country roots of 1950s rock 'n roll, Pop and Rock Vocals proceeds chronologically through instruction in important sub-genres, including pre-Beatles pop, folk-rock, punk/New Wave, and 1980s dance pop/mainstream rock, concluding with the modern-day indie rock influenced by these earlier styles. Through guided study using video demonstrations, audio clips, and informative historical narrative, you will learn the technical and interpretive vocal skills necessary to master the styles of pop/rock greats, such as John Lennon / Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Madonna, and many others.

The course explores breath support and management to facilitate pop and rock "belting," interpretive and "storytelling" techniques to heighten a song's emotional impact, and ways to increase flexibility and create a balanced tone. The course also addresses the visual as well as vocal aspects of pop/rock performance, focusing on audience communication and effective use of the stage area. Throughout the course, you will record sing-along track assignments for instructor feedback. High and low keys for both male and female vocalists will be provided. You will learn to perform everything from "classic hits" pop and rock to singer-songwriter styles to contemporary indie rock in an authentic manner.

Pop & Rock Vocals - Kids 

Aimed at 8 - 12 year olds, the sessions are designed to make music accessible but also challenging. Students learn between 2-3 songs per 11 week term and are taught music theory as well as practical playing skills.  The repertoire is a combination of current rock and pop chart hits as well as classic tracks that represent all the key genres such as blues and funk. The teaching methods that we use, are based on a well-rounded curriculum of music theory, ear training, sight-reading, technique, rhythm, expression and performance. Our teachers are trained to customize their teaching methods to each student's learning style, needs and talents.